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  1. Aeropress
    A revolutionary brewing device that delivers smooth, mellow coffee.
  2. Bialetti Musa Stovetop
    Enjoy full-flavored, full-bodied espresso at home
  3. Clement Coffee Beaufort Espresso Blend
    As low as $18.00
  4. Clement Gift Card
    As low as $20.00
  5. Daddy’s Girl Espresso Blend

    Our Daddy’s Girl blend sees premium Colombian, Indian and Ethiopian beans come together like they were made for each other. DG is soft yet full bodied and rich with mild acidity and has notes of mellow caramel and sweet milk chocolate.

    As low as $18.00
  6. Hey Buddy Filter Blend Coffee

    Hey Buddy is bright, floral and fruity with a profile of juicy berries, apricot, creamy caramel and a hint of hazelnuts. Unbeatable for filter, cold brew and many other soft brewing methods.

    As low as $18.00
  7. Jasper East Timor Maubisse Coffee Beans Organic (250g)
    Our closest neighbours produce this uniquely tasty coffee.
  8. Mexico El Tucan Decaf Coffee

    Decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process, the Mexico El Tucan is exquisitely sweet and balanced with intense chocolate and caramel flavours. It has a full creamy body, brown sugar sweetness and soft orange acidity.

    As low as $17.00
  9. Moccamaster Filters (pack of 350)
    A great coffeemaker deserves a top-quality filter.
  10. Organic Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

    An exciting new addition to the Padre offering using their delicious 100% Organic Wild Child coffee. This 3 litre coffee concentrate will make your cold brew fix easily accessible wherever you may go this summer. 

  11. Padre Coffee Pods (box of 30)

    Using their delicious 100% Organic Wild Child coffee, Padre bring you coffee pods that are both biodegradable and compostable, locked and loaded, specially for your espresso loving ways. 

  12. Seasonal Espresso Blend

    Deliciously complex as espresso, the Seasonal espresso blend is mild and balanced. White or black, long or short, Seasonal has components that shine. Not packing an espresso machine set up at home - no probs, it makes for an excellent plunger, Aeropress or stovetop coffee too.

    As low as $18.00
  13. Wild Child Organic Espresso

    100% organic, Wild Child is smooth and sweet with notes of pear, honey, toffee and dark chocolate in the finish. Its creamy texture is an irresistible match for milk and makes for a delicious espresso coffee.

    As low as $18.00
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